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Hi everybody

2008-11-04 05:14:19 by Robertman20

Hi i'm new on Newgrounds =3 but i've listened to all the great Artist's (my favorite is Dj-Nate) ^^ i decided after his newest song to also start making some and see how good i get ^^ i'm not good at all with fruity loops cause i only just bought it and never tried out the Demo >.< but a little about myself ^^ i'm 15 and love games ^^ my parents just got me Fruity Loops Stuid XXL =D cost them alot they said >.< but so i'm starting with FL studio and if anyone has any tips for me (also maybe a link for some good Sample packs with techno prefered but any will do please send!) ^^ I probably suck but don't say that cause i know already XD well yeha hope you like my stuff =3

Robbjuh =3


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